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(2022) IASSRT Symposium 6, Call for Papers

Silk Road Textiles Under the Microscope

6th Symposium of the International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textiles (IASSRT)


October 20–21, 2022 Online (Zoom) 

Hangzhou, New York, California, Bangkok, Beijing

Textiles and clothing may reveal much of their history through their materials, techniques, and construction. They can tell us where and how they were made, by and for whom they were designed, their intended uses, and subsequent repurposing. This conference, "Silk Road Textiles Under the Microscope," invites close studies of textile productions and circulations along the land and maritime Silk Routes. These studies may include but are not limited to analysis of fibers, dyes, metal threads, weavings, looms, as well as patterns and design. We welcome interdisciplinary research across material culture and science, history of art and textiles, ethnography, and archeology. We hope these studies will bring to the forefront regional craft practices, the evolution of designs and technologies, and their spread through trade and migrations.


This year marks the 6th annual International Symposium of IASSRT. The 5th IASSRT Symposium, "Textiles on the Silk Roads: from Medieval to Industrial Periods" (Nov 15–17, 2021), was successfully held in a hybrid format and was co-hosted by Centro Studi Martino Martini, University of Trento, and China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou. Similarly, the 6th IASSRT Symposium will combine online and in-person formats. This year, six organizations will jointly host it in Hangzhou, Beijing, Bangkok, and New York. There will be two days of online lectures with virtual tours about the co-organizers' institutions.



International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textiles (IASSRT)
China National Silk Museum (NSM), Hangzhou
Department of Textile Conservation, Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met), New York
Tracing Patterns Foundation (Tracing Patterns), California
Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles (QSMT), Bangkok
Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHNS), Beijing


Janina Poskrobko (The Met), Piyavara Teekara Natenoi (QSMT), Baichun Zhang (IHNS), Feng Zhao (NSM)

China National Silk Museum

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles

Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Textile/ art/ social historians and textile scholars/ conservators are invited to submit a lecture proposal. Some
possible textile-focused topics may include, but not limited to:
* Scientific research and analysis
* Conservation
* Materials and Techniques
* Design innovations and distributions of patterns

Send the following materials to Irene Lu (NSM, China) at 570096636@qq.com.
1. Registration Information (see below)
2. Lecture title and abstract (between 250–350 words)
3. One key image from lecture (jpeg format with caption)

4. One-page CV

Registration Information
     First Name
     Last Name
     Gender Pronouns
     Position and Institutions

     Personal photo (a head shot)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: June 15, 2022. Accepted proposals will be notified by July 15.

CONTACTS for general inquiries
       Delphine Li: lijinfang@cnsilkmuseum.org (NSM, China)
       Sandra Sardjono: sandra.sardjono@gmail.com (Tracing Patterns, USA)

Click here to download the pdf file for Call for Papers.


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