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● Korea National University of Culture Heritage

Korea National University of Cultural Heritage(NUCH) was established as a national four-year institution of higher education in 2000 by the Cultural Heritage Administration. The University was conceived to nurture a workforce equipped with specialist skills, knowledge and expertise that would contribute to the national effort to preserve and develop the rich, invaluable tradition and culture bequeathed to Korea by its long history.

As a higher educational institution committed to providing systematic educational programs on the preservation, management and utilization of the nation’s cultural heritage, NUCH aims to contribute to the preservation and development of the cultural heritage by producing world-class specialists armed with supreme competitiveness and on-site experience in the various areas concerned.

Contact person: Sim Yeon-ok  sim-yeonok@hanmail.net




Claudio Zanier

Dagmar Schaefer

Dominique Cardon

Jianjun Mei

Maria Menshikova

Mariah Waworuntu