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● National Museum of Denmark

The National Museum is Denmark’s state, cultural historical main museum, covering both Denmark and foreign cultures. The National Museum wishes to make its rich collections as accessible as possible, so that they can form an inspiring basis for research, teaching, understanding and interpretation of cultural history.

The National Museum carries out a number of key tasks on a national level, within the following areas in particular: archaeology, cultural anthropology, numismatics, ethnography, natural science, conservation, communication, advice on church restoration, handling of treasure trove (‘danefæ’) and loan of the museum’s objects.

The department of Research and Public Programmes employs more than 200 staff, is responsible for the interpretation of collections covering Danish culture and history in a European and global context, the cultures of mediterranean antiquity and world cultures. Through its research in large collections of artefacts, archival and pictorial collections and the Danish cultural landscape the department continually expands and produces new knowledge about cultural history.

Contact person: Ulla Mannering  manner@hum.ku.dk




Claudio Zanier

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