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2015-2021 IASSRT Timeline
IASSRT is committed to the joint study and resources sharing of cultural heritage, including silk, other textile materials and techniques, and further enhancing the research level in related areas by cooperating with research agencies along the Silk Road and other related research institutes. IASSRT provides resource and intellectual support for the establishment of the Category 2 Center of “International Center for Silk Heritage on the Silk Roads” under the auspices of UNESCO by China National Silk Museum and takes a part in related fields of UNESCO in fostering intercultural dialogue, protecting, promoting and transmitting heritage, fostering creativity and the diversity of cultural expressions.


5th IASSRT symposium, Hangzhou(China) and Trento(Italy)


4th IASSRT symposium, Kislovodsk, Russia


3nd IASSRT symposium, Buyeo, Korea


NSM launched to co-found the International Museums Association of the Silk Roads

2nd IASSRT symposium, Lyon, France

Alliance of Silk Road Cultural Heritage Science and Technology founded


1st annual meeting of IASSRT, Hangzhou, China

World of Silks international symposium, Hangzhou, China


signing ceremony of founding the IASSRT

the Silks from the Silk Road: Origin, Transmission and Exchange international symposium, Hangzhou, China


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